– “Let’s Have a Pancake” review


by Mike SOS

It takes just a few seconds of the first track “That’s What She Said” to realize this is not like anything you’ve probably ever heard. Yup, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic is out there, but thankfully, they’re only harmful to themselves and a joy to everyone else. On their 11 track menagerie of sound and fury, this Massachusetts alterna-dixieland-big band ensemble sounds like Harry Connick meet the Police with a punk rock attitude (“What’ll It Be”). Their usage of every instrument under the sun gives them such a well rounded, balanced and FUN sound that it’s hard not to imagine yourself in a smoky club sipping margaritas tapping your toes to these folks as they wail into the night (“Nature Boy”). Kinda funky, ska-esque, jazzy and overall some of the best damn party music you could possibly throw on to get your party pumping (“Crab Napkin”). Do yourself a favor and grab some of this flavor. – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review