Washington Post – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review

THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC “Let’s Have a Pancake!” Sonic Trout

It seems that Chandler Travis, best remembered, if remembered at all, for his cheery stints with Travis Shook and the Incredible Casuals, has finally stumbled upon his true calling: big bandleader. Granted, his eight-piece Philharmonic isn’t big in size so much as it is big […]

Washington City Paper – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review and concert preview

Washington City Paper’s Picks of the Week

Claiming to be “our nation’s only alternative Dixieland band”-but wont to fly off the handle when someone dares call the group “zany”-Boston’s eight-piece Chandler Travis Philharmonic takes great pride in stuffing as many musical genres (swing, Mexicali rock, country, pop) and as many different instruments (mandocello, string bass, […]