CityBeat (Cincinnati) – “Llama Rhymes” review and concert preview

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If you’re looking for a bona fide “show” in your musical explorations this week, then Plush (the music space above Carol’s on Main) is the place to be as Boston’s dynamic, eccentric eight-piece group THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC pulls its sonic circus through town. The group’s most recent album, Llama Rhymes, is a thoroughly entertaining journey through the mind of band leader Travis, who creates an outlandish, kaleidoscopic sound that traverses down the paths of Classic Rock, Power Pop, Dixieland Jazz, Tropicalia and practically any other form of music that crosses his mind (one reviewer aptly called them the missing link between NRBQ and Sun Ra). Behind the batty costumes and musical eclecticism are Travis’ sharp songwriting skills, which help the band transcend a simple “novelty” badge of dishonor. 513-651-2667. (See Music.) — MIKE BREEN

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