Fulsome Philharmonic Fine Tunes New CD

by Ann Wood

Originally published in the Provincetown Banner

He hates horns in rock ‘n’ roll, and thinks keyboards are “poofy.” So in typical Chandler Travis fashion, he started a band with both. The Chandler Travis Philharmonic – replete with trumpet, alto and tenor sax, trombone, keyboards, mandolin, as well as the typical guitar, bass, […]

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Stretches Their Bizarro Potential On New CD

by Tim Wood, Cape Cod Chronicle

Anyone who’s ever seen the Chandler Travis Philharmonic live knows that there’s more to the band than its sound. Band members’ penchant for wearing pajamas and boxer shorts, often accessorized with festive headgear, is an attention-grabber, for sure. Those who can get beyond the scruffy visuals are rewarded by […]

Shake It Up – “Llama Rhymes” review

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Llama Rhymes – (Sonic Trout)

As good a time as most NRBQ records, friends (and not only because Joey Spampinato appears on a track).

A good time is what’s promised here, but note that Llama Rhymes isn’t some mere novelty record. Sure, things can get a little wacky but Travis can indeed […]

The Noise (Boston) – “Llama Rhymes” review


You can argue all you want that Chandler has an unimpressive vocal range, or that his multiple-personality disorder Dixieland sometimes verges on miasmic and bizarre, or that his serial release of 24 CDs was self-indulgent, or that his studio work seems padded with three-quarters-realized ideas, […]