UPI Rock News Two: The week in pop

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Rock News Two: The week in pop, March 22, 2003



The Chandler Travis Philharmonic celebrated the release of its new album, “Llama Rhymes,” Wednesday at the Lizard Lounge before an audience of more than 100 people. Travis, one of rock’s true originals, is a classic American regional songwriter whose eccentric vision is rooted in the self-determinism and awe of nature, characteristic of people who live in the small New England village of Eastham, Mass. Popular vocalist Bleu showed up to sing backing vocals on “Village of the Darned” and “Get Right Back to Where We Started From.”

“I’ve got a great idea for our next record release party,” Travis said. “We have a book of about 200 songs, so for the next party we’ll play the longest set ever played — 14 or 15 hours long. I’d like to do it at the Lizard Lounge again, I just have to figure out if they can stay open for that length of time.”

Travis currently is putting together another “Incredible Casuals” album.

“We’re trying really hard to do something you can’t describe,” he noted. “Maybe that doesn’t work in our best interest commercially, but the thing that’s important about it is getting to do it in the first place.”

UPI Rock News Two: The week in pop