Frank Goodman – “If Love Turns Its Back On You”

We met so many amazing songwriters and performers on this last tour that we thought we’d better start a page for this sort of thing, where we can introduce you guys to our latest discoveries; thus the following first installment of LOVE TO TURN YOU ON, this week featuring Nashville’s Frank Goodman, who was brought into our lair in San Diego by our other wunnerful new friend Laurie McClain (another terrific songwriter -we’ll save her for next week. I have to put Frank in first because otherwise my wife will never forgive me -she can’t get enough of this one.)

One of the true heroes of the tour was Berke McKelvey, a sax player we had played with a few times over the years who summers near us on Cape Cod. Luckily for us, Berke turned out to also be a fabulous bass player, as well as the possessor of seemingly lmitless energy -he’d play with us from 1 am to dawn, sleep a couple hours, teach some music classes, give some music lessons, do a gig at an Irish bar, and be back at 1 am with a  big smile on his face, ready for another round.  Completely ridiculous, if you ask me -don’t know how he did it.

He sounds great on this one, as does Dinty… it was the first time any of us had heard the song, recorded by Fred in our hotel room. It was typical of our San Diego Folk Alliance experience -we passed the guitar around to anyone who happened to pass throuigh for three nights, and miraculously didn’t hit a lame the whole time. We had assumed we’d be over-run by tambourine and harmonica abusers and people who wanted to play “Freight Train” and shit; instead, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting some genius songwriter -not in 1219, anyway. We had a ball.

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Frank Goodman – “If Love Turns Its Back On You”
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