Frankie J Meyer – “Dagnabit”

“Dagnabit”, by Frankie J. Meyer w. Karen Mal (and the Philharmonette, natch -small, west coast folk alliance version, incl. Berke McKelvey, Dinty Child, Wendy Sue Rosloff, Chandler Travis, and god only know who else) -in my really pretty goddam lengthy but nonetheless apparently completely inadequate west coast report, part one, I described meeting Frank and […]

Stereophile – RadioBalls series review

The Radio Ball Series

By John Swenson [ed note: this is an unedited version of the review which originally appeared in Stereophile]

Radio Ball, Vols. 1-22. Iddy Biddy 7652-7673. (2000). Chandler Travis, prod. and eng. AAD TT: 44:14 — 51:36.

Rock music’s geniuses, much like the great poets of history, have by and large been […]