Paulette – “Liquor Store”

Paulette was born in Stockton, California, the ‘son’ of two people who weren’t brother and sister.  She has a music degree from San Francisco State University, and taught piano in San Francisco for 6 years. She has been writing songs for about 20 years, and only recently had enough cash, time, and motivation to make and publish her own album of songs about her present neighborhood, Rockridge, in Oakland California.

Without a doubt, the album is a steal at 10 dollars per cd plus postage and handling, $1.50.  that’s a sum total of $11.50 for a stylishly designed cd in a hard plastic case, an artful insert with a story about Lou Reed, and a padded envelope with some postage and your name on it.  Says one pleased hypothetical customer, ‘I somewhat honestly felt like a tremendous weight was being lifted from my tired, weary shoulders when i placed my order through  the website.

Paulette – “Liquor Store”
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