Duplex Planet

OK, this is going to be tricky, because in this installment we’ll be directing you to something that’s not primarily musical: the Duplex Planet, one of my favorite magazines in the world, and of the most peculiar, consisting as it does of interviews with elderly nursing home residents who respond to the sometimes random, frequently playful questions of my longtime friend and lyricist, David B. Greenberger. Long ago, David asked my favorite interview question ever, which is, “Which do you prefer, coffee or meat?”

I should also mention that David is a swell graphic artist and lyricist; he did the covers for the Casuals’ “It Is Balloon”, My “Ivan in Paris”, and a whole mess of NRBQ albums; and wrote the lyrics to some of my best songs: “This is Home”, “You and Me Pushing Up Daisies”, “Running Up the Clock”, and many others (when you notice the lyrics being better than usual, they’re probably David’s.)

The Duplex Planet is pretty damn hard to explain, but it’s funny and sad and touching and soulful – downright hilarious and everything in between -and it has been accorded glowing reviews in just about every periodical you can think of, plus inspired a veritable cottage industry of  fascinating spin-off  products. Please proceed at once to the Duplex Planet -roll up your sleeves and stay a while!

Duplex Planet
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