PJ O’Connell – “Can’t Get it Right”

There is no one I know on Cape Cod more kind and generous than P.J. O’Connell; no one writes better songs, either. He’s also a good neighbor, having lent me many cups of sugar and about 90 million cds somewhere along the line (and that’s way they call him the Cowboy Lawyer, or at least they must do it for some reason.) Pat’s latest, “Careful” (on the Clang label), is the best of a really good bunch, even though it features prominently all of the Incredible Casuals (luckily, there’s also Q-sters as well, not to mention Dinty and Keith from the Philharmonic.) My wife, even (who I playfully call “Mrs. Travis”), totally loves it, and she doesn’t like anything except for the Muffs and the Beatles.

This one’s called “Can’t Get It Right”, and It Rocks, Man! But the album’s really strong right through, which you can confirm yourself by buying the damn thing at Pat’s website, please, godammit.

PJ O’Connell – “Can’t Get it Right”
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