Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Tarnation and Alastair Sim (a/k/a “Kitty”)

The first Chandler Travis Philharmonic album in five years makes up for lost time with forty-eight (yes- 48!) tracks of utter insanity, including magnum opuses like “I’m Chandler’s Butterfly”, complete with sitar, mandocello, and 4 drum kits; the afro-pop influenced “Vasco Da Gama”, which features about 50 vocal tracks; the Dave Brubeck-ish instrumental “Ronald”; and the Prince-inspired “Dance Godammit” (not to mention a “heavy”, gothic, minor-key version of “Brown Eyed Girl” that could very well bury that one once and for all.) Guests include George Carlin, Ramona Silver, Bleu, many of Boston’s best horn players, and members of NRBQ and the Incredible Casuals.

Sample song: “Money Won’t Buy You Happiness”

The album is available on CD and for download from our Shopping page

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