A Crazy Carnival of Sound

Chandler Travis makes most of his eclectic ideas

“If you’re a musician, and you like both Thelonious Monk and the Ramones, you want to get little bits of both of them in [the music],” says Chandler Travis. (Barry Donahue)

By Jonathan Perry, Globe Correspondent | July 27, 2007

There is no one quite as […]

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Places A Call From The Abyss

by Rob Conroy, Cape Cod Chronicle

The first Chandler Travis Philharmonic album in five years was just unleashed. I believe it’s called “Tarnation & Alastair Sim.” But it might also be called “Kitty;” the disc itself simply says “Al.” It’s hard to tell with the Philharmonic. Like Ween, everything they do strikes me as an […]