Paulette – “Chequessett Forever”

Though I enjoy golf, it has always been my ambition never to spend any money on it, or to write songs about it. I’ve also never put anyone in “Love To Turn You On” more than once, but Paulette’s version of “Chequessett Forever” is just one of the funniest things I ever heard, and it has lately turned into a full-blown obsession around my house. It’s from a full length cd he produced after playing a round of golf with me recently -songs for each hole, plus one about the parking lot and one about the snack after, climaxing with “Chequessett Forever.” (by the way, there’s plenty more at; though, strangely enough the song in question isn’t up yet – what the hell, Paulette?!?)
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Paulette – “Chequessett Forever”
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