Village Voice – Concert Preview (Rodeo Bar, 11/8/09)

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

by Richard Gehr

Kitschy, excessive, rambunctious, and unfettered, Cape Cod songwriter Chandler Travis’s immodestly named nine-piece group is not unlike a classic-pop reflection of the late Sun Ra’s Arkestra. That being said, Travis recently released a rare and unexpectedly sincere solo album, After She Left, and will surely stir some of […]

The Noise (Boston) – “After She Left” review

Chandler Travis Sonic Trout After She Left 11-song CD

This ain’t your grandfather’s Chandler Travis, but it could be your grandfather, and that’s fine. Gone (just for the moment, mind yez) are the multiple horns, the whiplashin’ backbeat, the groan-inducing lyrical punnery (well, for the most part), the preposterous headwear, and overall circus vibe we […]