Oh Irene!

Both tonight’s (Saturday August 27) Chandler Travis Three-o gig at Liston’s in Worthington, MA and tomorrow’s gig at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.

We’re still opening for Roger Salloom at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA tonight at 7pm (we really do go on […]

Today’s Viking Princess Sunset Cruise Cancelled!

Drat! Tonight’s Viking Princess Sunset Cruise with the Chandler Travis Three-o has been cancelled, due to funky weather (actually our first cancelled gig of the summer!), but tonight’s Philharmonette show at Bubalas in Provincetown is still on… we’ll start somewhere around 10ish. (how’s that for exactitude-iness?!?!)

Metroland (Albany, NY) – Chandler Travis Three-o at Caffe Lena

If George Carlin joined NRBQ, backed by the Mothers of Invention—no, if Captain Beefheart and Sun Ra commandeered the Village People . . . Hell, analogies are worthless when it comes to describing Chandler Travis’ “avant-jazz omnipop.” Travis has been blending comedy with music ever since Travis Shook and Club Wow spent the ’70s opening […]

Public Service Announcement – Chandler on How to Drown


PSA: drowning advisory – recorded live onboard the Viking Princess, August 18th, 2011, by the Valet. Peter Whitlock, the owner and operator of the Viking Princess (the fabulous little craft that the Three-O plays on every Tuesday in P’town), starts each voyage with instructions about life jackets and exits and snacks and all […]

Chandler Travis Three-o – “Ronald”


“Ronald” – the Chandler Travis Three-O w. special guest Ken Field, live at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar, August 5th, 2011. Recorded by The Valet. A small band version of a song from the CTP’s “Tarnation & Alastair Sim” (aka “Kitty”); this one can be tough sometimes (typically, we don’t play it often […]

Chandler Travis – “Why You Gotta Be That Way?”


“Why You Gotta Be That Way?” – Chandler home demo, July, 2011 – hoping to get the Casuals or the Catbirds or somebody to do this little cranky rocker (any takers out there?); if not, it may become a Three-O song for a bit, as we sort of need another baritone guitar song […]