SoundOut Consumer Insight Report – “Anne”

Below are highlights from the “SoundOut Consumer Insight Report” on the Chandler Travis Philharmonic’s recording of “Anne” (This was a you-get-the-first-one-free situation, presented by the always heinous Sonicbids organization, the folks who made it possible for artists to pay people to reject them who used to do it for free); for no particular reason, I submitted a song called “Anne” (off our latest debacle, “The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows”)…

For you to use as a reference and play along at home/work, here is a live recording of “Anne”, recorded by the Valet at one of our summer homes, Bubala’s By the Bay in Provincetown, MA.  This one is from way back on September 7, 2006 and features Tim Dickey on mandolin, Berke McKelvey on soprano sax, Keith Spring on keyboards, Whitey Houston on bass, and Rikki Bates on djembe.


According to the SoundOut Consumer Insight Report, we rated:

  • 45 (out of 100) for market potential (tho somehow, we’re in the “above average” category -one of 5 categories. Wonderfully enough, the lowest category is “average”; we just missed “good”- damn!
  • 5.9 (out of 10) for “track rating”
  • a “passion rating”(!!) of 66 (out of 100).

They also volunteered that generally, males liked it better than females (70% vs 40% -the story of my life), and younger people better than older ones (esp. 16 to 24 year olds -god only knows what the hell is up there).

Here’s some of the more striking comments (sorry for all this, but too funny not to share!):

”the tone this singer has is a cross between dylan and jazz.The vocals cram a lot in in the verses. A very bad melody.Th epercussion has a very celtic feel.”

“good start of the song the truth would definitely like, but the coordination that used both the acoustic guitar as I liked the drums, and bass that sounds great”

“ok to follow, it just wasnt a performance of huge entertaining value.”

“didn’t sounded bad… sounded a bit monotonous after a while, however it was a nicely executated song”

“I feel there is potential in the artist vocally, these vocals weren’t stretched at all though and quite a boring song was produced, up the pace at times, stretch the voice, grab the audience, dated instrumentals which i’m sure was meant but not for modern music”

“the brute is done well”

“Out of nowhere it’s a trumpet! Don’t know if this is a comedy act or an actual song. Gave me a chuckle.”

“quite a nice mellow track, that musically reminded me of eels.”

“This song is very cinamatic and interesting. Male singer has a good voice and it’s interesting. Male singer has a little weak voice.”

“i love this song very much its very grapohical and makes you feel so good i love it so much and the drums and strings are so tuned for the song”

“the singing should have been rectified”

[Apparently this next guy hated it so much it made him turn french (or something)]:

“voice and lyrics have no sens common men stop it please. yo mon gars te vrm une grosse pourriture ge arrete la music et le domaine musical c pourri comme music :O.“

“Okayi didnt really think this song was all that great. I dont want to say it was good when it really wasnt. I didnt enjoy it and i thought the music was just.i dont really know how to explain it. maybe a faster tempo would help it out a little.”

“Bible refences is a BOG NOOO! So, not good at all.”

My response: the report was accompanied by lots of scientific-looking bars and graphs… this is the greatest! -now I gotta get SoundOut Consumer Insight Reports on all my songs!!! At last, a reason to keep writing! Highly recommended!

If you care to subject yourself to the hideousness which apparently is the officially released version of “Anne”, you can buy it directly from us at our new catalog page here.  “Out of nowhere, it’s a trumpet!”

SoundOut Consumer Insight Report – “Anne”

4 thoughts on “SoundOut Consumer Insight Report – “Anne”

  • October 19, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Did you rectify the singing for them?


  • October 19, 2011 at 9:09 am

    I could’ve sworn we brought the singer in for rectification before he recorded the vocals for that track, but maybe not.


  • October 21, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I think the singer wanted to rectify his neighbor’s wife in a meaningful and fun way; I was envious of his being her neighbor. Mit den trumpets already! Zis is mein ringtone, on mein zellphone, der interduction to zis verry zong! What gives here!?

    Honi soit qui mal y pense! Plus que meme chose, plus que change; Zoot!

    The record is reminiscent in a way of early Martin Denny without the whimsy and without the tropical rhythmic aboriginal quality found in most of Denny’s oeuvre.

    Gars te vrm, indeed, mon vieux. The graphocical nature of the endemic stories on this eclectic disc echo the early days of the Trafalgar Philharmonium of Bunnyment von Dulang Dulang; naturlich, der vangles kant verk hardest kommen sie automatical tempo burst. O!
    Und by ze vay, Der fuhrer has neffer said zis BeBe!

    I don’t mind eels
    except as meals,
    and the way they feels.

    Thanks, CTP, you guys blow and giff me a chockle! I am just about your biggest phan. O, O! Where is this SoundOut Consumer site?


  • October 23, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Chandler, I just love it!!!


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