SonicTrout Digital presents “First Warm Day”

I’ve got a song I’ve been saving up for years called “First Warm Day“; it’s written about those freak early warm days you get sometimes in March and how good they feel, and we’re determined to release it on the first warm day of 2012 (not that there’s really been all that many cold days this winter to begin with, but you get the idea)… so you’ll know when I think it’s really and truly the first warm day by what day this song pops up on our website (not to mention itunes, amazon, etc -they’re all in on it!) [ed note: that would be today,thank you very much]

The song is one that I’ve played a little bit the last couple of years with all my bands (it’s unusual in that regard), and we started on the recording back in 2009, during the sessions for “The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows“; it’s got Catbirds, Incredible Casuals, and Philharmonic members on it: Rikki Bates on drums, Johnny Spampinato on guitar, Phil Clements on clavinet, Dinty Child on mandocello, and myself on the rest, so I wasn’t really sure who to credit it to… so, it’s ending up as the first (and quite possibly last) single by the Incredible Chandler Travis Catualbirdomonic -of course!!

First Warm Day” is now available from SonicTrout Digital.

SonicTrout Digital presents “First Warm Day”

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