For My Valet’s Day

Fred Oh Freddy-o Boaking Boak-ola,
Freddy-est Fred of all Fredville,
Man of men, valet of valets-
It’s his 50th birthday today!

“Indispensible” is too short a word… I’d be lost without him, lost, lost, lost, and he’s made the World Wide Interweb an entirely less heinous experience. A truly delightful travel companion and lover of life at all times; harmony (and lead!) singer (and prompter) par excellence… HE IS DA MAN, let it never be doubted for a second!

Our Song of the Weak selections this week bear testament to his all-around fab Fredliness. First is a live recording from August 27, 2004, of the Philharmonic performing an old song I wrote about him called “My Valet” (recorded by Chris Blood) that details some of the many ways I rely on him.

The second is his theme song, “Get Ready For Freddy” (which, of course, no one ever truly could), followed quickly by his feature turn on the Chandler Travis Three-O’s cover of Pee Wee King’s immortal “Miserable Love”, recorded a couple of weeks ago by The Valet Himself at our beloved Harvest Gallery Wine Bar on June 3rd, 2012.

Happy Birthday Freddy -you are the absolute best, bub!

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