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Chandler Travis Three-O

This is what bears look like underwater (Iddy Biddy)

Cape Cod’s prolific pop madman Chandler Travis seems to spawn projects and albums at giddy speed. His latest, the Three-O (with four members), differentiates itself quickly, with an opening track that mixes a circus of instruments into a peppy, somehow amusing […]

Photos from the Three-O’s CD Release Party at Club Passim


The Valet gave some money to a Kickstarter campaign for the movie TEN, started by Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola of Michael J Epstein Memorial Library, Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling, Darling Pet Munkee, and Space Balloons (along with several other assorted fine musical conglomerations – sweet jeebus, you all […]

Something Else! Album Review of “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater”

The Chandler Travis Three-O – This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater (2012)

by Mark Saleski

OK, so I just got done reading this impossibly stupid article (which I refuse to link to because, yes, it’s that stupid) about how jazz music isn’t popular because the artists are not writing music that the kids […]

WMBR – Chandler & John on “I Love a Parade”


Before the Three-O’s recent CD release party at Club Passim, Chandler and John stopped in at the studios at WMBR (88.1 FM) for DJ Lindsay Ellison’s show “I Love a Parade” on Friday afternoon October 12 for some talk, some music, and a visit with Lindsay’s dog.

You can download the show archive […] – Chandler Travis Calms Down for a Moment: Unveils the 3-O at Club Passim

The Chandler Travis Three-O – yes, it’s another band (a quartet) fronted by Cape Cod’s hardest working man in showbiz Chandler Travis – will be hosting what Travis calls a “modest get-together to honor the release of its debut CD, ‘This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater,’ at Club Passim […]

STREAM the Chandler Travis Three-O Record Release Party!

For all of you out-of-towners who wish you could be at the Chandler Travis Three-O’s Club Passim October 12 record release for their debut “This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater,” have we got the option for you!

You can still watch the show in your jammies at home! For a mere $3 (and […]