Photos from the Three-O’s CD Release Party at Club Passim


The Valet gave some money to a Kickstarter campaign for the movie TEN, started by  Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola of Michael J Epstein Memorial Library, Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling, Darling Pet Munkee, and Space Balloons (along with several other assorted fine musical conglomerations – sweet jeebus, you all think CHANDLER is in a lot of bands?!?!), and one of the rewards was to have their friend Rachel Leah Blumenthal, one of the actresses in the film, photograph your band.  Seeing as the end of the Kickstarter campaign was just a few weeks before the Chandler Travis Three-O’s CD Release Party at Club Passim, he picked that show.

Fortunately, the Kickstarter campaign was successful and Rachel was available that night, and we here at Chandler Travis HQ are quite pleased with the results.  Check out the pictures via Rachel’s flickr account here.

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