STREAM the Chandler Travis Three-O Record Release Party!

For all of you out-of-towners who wish you could be at the Chandler Travis Three-O’s Club Passim October 12 record release for their debut “This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater,” have we got the option for you!

You can still watch the show in your jammies at home! For a mere $3 (and yes the band gets paid!) stream Chandler and the boys in HD. Go ahead and buy in now and you’ll get a reminder before the show! Do it here:

Of course, if there’s any chance you can make it to the actual show, we would much rather see you there in person.  You can get tickets in advance from Club Passim.

We’ve partnered with the folks at Club Passim to offer a free copy of the new CD as a thank you gift if you become a member of Club Passim the night of our show. So you might want to wait until Friday to get the CD, but if you’re not going to make it the show or want to buy a digital download, get your copy today on our Merchandise Page.

STREAM the Chandler Travis Three-O Record Release Party!

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