Nippertown – Fred Rudofsky’s Best of 2012

We try to be a little humble here at Chandler Travis HQ, but really, how humble can a band be that refers to its leader “King of the World”?!? So please allow us to crow as the “Best of” lists start to roll out for 2012…

We want to thank Fred Rudofsky of Nippertown in […]

Yet Another New Christmas Song – “Yes Yes Yes, Mais Oui, Noel!”

New for 2012!

This is the World Premiere of this song – from this year’s Somerville Chrismas Cavalcade for the Homeless at Johnny D’s. Eventually we’re going to get folks to write more & more verses that get saltier & saltier as we go. Until then, you have this.

Yes Yes Yes, Mais Oui, […]

2012 Cavalcades Wrapup

Well, we did it again – we made it thru Cavalcade Season!!!

All three events (in addition to the Somerville & Cape Cod Cavalcades, we also helped organize an evening at WHAT where the Cavalcade met Yule for Fuel) were extremely successful, raising money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition and the NOAH Shelter in […]

Merry Christmas 2012 From Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Hey! Hey there! Here’s a whole bunch of Christmas and seasonal music, most of it by people you’ve perhaps not heard of -please do us both a favor and track down and buy stuff by the artists you dig most, so I won’t feel guilty about posting all their stuff for free! Also -have […]

The White Prince sings “Sleigh Ride”

An Insta-Song of the Weak for the 2012 Christmas season – it’s the White Prince singing “Sleigh Ride” at last night’s Yule for Fuel at the WHAT Julie Harris Stage in Wellfleet. We here at Chandler Travis HQ think it’s one of the most gorgeous things we’ve ever heard and had to share it with […]

Boston Globe – Man of a thousand bands Chandler Travis gets merry for holiday

By Scott McLellan, Globe Correspondent – December 06, 2012

Josh Reynolds for The Boston GlobeChandler Travis (right) with the Catbirds: (from left) Dinty Child, Rikki Bates, and Steve Wood.

At the moment, Chandler Travis is a member of the Catbirds, the Chandler Travis Three-O, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and the Incredible Casuals.

“I’d be […]

Merry Christmas 2012

Two Christmas songs (so far?) for our Song of the Weak for 2012 – one an update of one of last year’s Chandler Christmas demos, now fleshed out by members of the Three-O; the other a jingle for Johnny D’s Gift Certificates performed by the Catbirds.

Chandler Travis Three-O – “Christmas Day” – A brand […]