Merry Christmas 2012

Two Christmas songs (so far?) for our Song of the Weak for 2012 – one an update of one of last year’s Chandler Christmas demos, now fleshed out by members of the Three-O; the other a jingle for Johnny D’s Gift Certificates performed by the Catbirds.

Chandler Travis Three-O – “Christmas Day” – A brand new Christmas song from the Three-O with special guest star Rikki Bates!

Well, ’tis the season!

The Catbirds – “A Johnny D’s Gift Certificate For Christmas” – board recording by Josh Berman from the Catbirds record release party at Johnny D’s, Nov 1st, 2012, with some added bg vox. This song happened because I ashed Carla Delellis at Johnny D’s if she would make a contribution from the restaurant or bar to the Somerville Homeless Coalition when we do the Christmas Cavalcade, and she said she’d be happy to donate a portion of all gift certificates sold that night, which completely blew me away. Do you know what the odds are of a bar owner saying yes to a question like that are (especially when it’s a charity they’ve supported for years anyway)? Not that high -she’s the best (THANK YOU, CARLA!)

I had hoped we might be able do a new recording of this, as this is the only time we’ve ever played it, and you may notice the occasional teensy flaw (plus, sounds like shit -hey, it’s a board tape!) -so, so far you’re stuck with this one, Anyway…

So get out there and buy some damn gift certificates, folks!

Merry Christmas 2012
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