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Appearances on “Best of” lists for 2012 keep coming in, and we here at Chandler Travis HQ couldn’t be more pleased.

Our friend Belinda over at Bubbles in the Think Tank included the Three-O’s “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater” and the Catbirds’ “Catbirds Say Yeah” as well as two compilations on which Chandler tracks appear as part of  her “B’s Knees 2012″ list and radio program.  The show is archived on her site so you can hear all the goodness she acquired in 2012.

Belinda is a big supporter of our music and we’re big supporters of her show – be sure sure to check it out every Saturday night, 11pm to 1am on WMFO (over the air on 91.5 FM in Medford, MA and streaming live at WMFO.org).

Here are excerpts from Belinda’s notes (the quotes she culled from listeners who commented in the Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Chat Group while the show was being broadcast):

Chandler Travis Three-O – This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater (Iddy Biddy)

Ok.  So you totally expect for me to put anything Chandler Travis releases on any list I make.  I understand that.  But this time it’s different.  Really.

Stripped down from the Philharmonic and embiggened beyond the solo work on “After She Left” (Chandler’s most swoon-worthy release ever, and that’s saying something), I found these lil B’s knees weakened in the best of ways.  When I listen, I feel like I’m in another time, another place.  And they’re the only time and place I ever want to be in.

“Camel, Passing” is one of my favorite songs all year, makes me so happy every time I hear it.
“OOh my Little Things !!!! I always imagine some mysterious gnomes in the deep forest in medieval times……”

The Catbirds – Catbirds Say Yeah! (Iddy Biddy)

No, really… both Chandler Travis releases are scrumptious!

A man not content to produce just one release in 2012 that makes my breathing change, this record is my favorite loud record of the year. The sound of Rikki Bates viborates through my core, the louder the better. And you can just imagine what that does to Chandler’s bass and me. As for “Steve Woo Woo” Wood, he does his woo woo thing. And Dinty…might as well save him for the listener comment below.

Please do this again, Chandler.  Please.

“I like when Dinty goes ‘HRTDTBBBLGH !!!!!’”

Various Artists – Super Hits of the Seventies – Original Hits, Today’s Stars

How I only played one track from this crackerjack comp, I’ll never know.  So many great artists and tunes…all I can really say is that Michael Shelley is a brilliant mastermind.  Plus it supports WFMU.  That’s the best.

[“Super Hits of the Seventies” includes a live version of the Philharmonic playing the Maxine Nightingale hit “Right Back Where We Started From”]

Various Artists – The Petite 7 Inch Record (Bubbles in the Think Tank)

It seems wrong for me to write about a record that I masterminded, let alone include it in this list.  But in my humble opinion, I believe it is the best fucking record ever made.  I hope you agree.

“It’s a petite n’ purple gem!”

[The Petite 7 Inch Record includes Chandler’s song “Still Wanna Make a Record”, performed by The Chandler Travis Philharmaniacs (whoever they are)]




Read about the rest of Belinda’s faves and listen to the archive of her “B’s Knees 2012” show here – really, just go do it – there are some great finds on her list!

Bubbles in the Think Tank – The B’s Knees 2012

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