CTP – “Dr Kildare”

This is The Valet reporting; Chandler has encouraged me to consider a more active curating role here at SOTW. And so … well … here goes nuttin’ …

This edition of SOTW is a previously released little ditty, the theme song from “Dr Kildare,” which is on RadioBall #6, “Taffy Shoot.”  It showed up during “shuffle play” on my mp3 player the other day and I just went crazy for Keiichi’s trumpet solo (it starts around 2:07) – I think it’s a truly stunning solo, and I sure hope you agree.


Chandler has pointed out that I never mentioned that we took this version of “Dr Kildare” from ska masters The Skatalites. My most humble apologies! Be sure to check out The Skatalites: if you like ska and don’t know these guys, you’re in for a treat!

CTP – “Dr Kildare”

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