So long, Joe Coughlin – DAMMIT!

Joe Couglin on the mic from the bathroom at the RatTHANX and a tip o’ the hat to the Right Honourable Joe Coughlin, one of our longtime buddies and heroes, who recently hit the road for good after a long battle with illness.
Joe was one of my fave peeps, and wrote some of the best stuff on my music (in various guises) anyone ever did, always for the Noise, where he always maintained an irascible, off the rails presence that was always at least entertaining. He had an unquenchable desire for crazy music and interesting items and events of all kinds, and was always generous in sharing his bounty, a true contributor. He was an extremely good Joe, and I’ll miss him very much.
We were fortunate enough to get mostly good reviews from Joe, as well as a feature about Chandler:
As well as some of our friends:
We don’t have the full review handy, but about “Let’s Have a Pancake” Joe wrote:
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic are a huge cosmic accident…very odd, very beautiful, and you know there’s a message in it all. We need more bands with this kind of nerve and the tunes to back it up…a delicious, nutricious, and total mind-fuck.
He also wrote about us:
Not unlike NRBQ meets Sun Ra on the beach, doing bong hits spiked with primo acid and laughing gas.
For more on Joe, we’ll direct you to a lovely memorial written by Nick Blakey of the Boston Phoenix – check it out here.
So long, Joe Coughlin – DAMMIT!
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