Matt Wallace sings “The Person You Deserve”

Matt Wallace, Matt Wallace, MATT WALLACE!

“Big Matt Wallace” is a Philadelphia musician who happened to be in the band that played before the Philharmonic when we played Philly a few years ago. Against his better judgement and his normal M.O., he stuck around to catch a few songs from us and ended up staying until the bitter end and buying several CDs. Then he showed up a couple hours away the next time we were remotely close, and even put up the Three-O and arranged for a gig on an off night of ours another Philadelphia trip.

In short, he’s become a huge supporter of both the Three-O and the Philharmonic, and we just love the stuffins out of him.

Here he is playing Chandler’s song “The Person You Deserve” (from the Three-O’s debut album This is What Bears Look Like Underwater), with help from saxophonist Darryl Ray, introduced by the fabulous Mike Tyler (geez, if you haven’t heard Mike play guitar, you really should – he’s a Philly legend), and recorded on Mike’s basement.  And is that Mike’s sweetie, vocalist Montana Tyler, dancing in the background?  I think it is!

If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area and have car trouble, be sure to stop in at Matt’s garage, Wallace Auto  (700 E Haverford Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA) – tell Matt that the Valet sent ya!

Matt Wallace sings “The Person You Deserve”

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  • April 10, 2013 at 7:43 am

    We love you guys !!! Does this basement make me look fat !


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