Charley’s Prelude – Chopin to Kirby to Byron

We’re back to video for this week’s “Song of the Weak!!!”

Our friend Chef Tony Scungilli, chef/owner of one of our favorite Cape Cod restaurants Terra Luna and DJ/host of The Squid Jigger’s Blend show on community radio WOMR/WFMR, shot this video of the Philharmonette playing “Charley’s Prelude.” Originally based on Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4, we got our arrangement of the tune from the version by Don Byron on his album “Bug Music” (Chandler says the album is fab; I, your trustworthy Valet, have yet to pull the trigger on it, but maybe I should just go do that now … ok, done!) Byron based his version on that of John Kirby (I’ve see the spelling listed as “Charlie’s Prelude” for Kirby’s version).

Tony caught this performance at one of our weekly Thursday night shows at Bubala’s a couple of weeks ago (July 19, 2013) – the Philharmonette lineup that night was CT (guitar), John Clark (bass), Berke McKelvey (clarinet), Bob Pilkington (trombone) and Matt Joseph (trumpet). I was there as well, but have nothing to contribute to this tune.

We think Matt played the hell out if it that night – check it out.

Charley’s Prelude – Chopin to Kirby to Byron

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