Mid-Morning in Moscow

Mid-Morning in Moscow” – live at Bubala’s By the Bay in Provincetown, MA on September 5, 2013, recorded in our patented new Behind-the-Band Horrend-o-Phonic method by The Valet.

Chandler & I were driving to some off-Cape show recently, listening to the last few songs from the final Bubala’s show of the 2013 season, when the opening of this rendition of “Mid-Morning in Moscow” came on and made us both chuckle.  First you get someone (Berke, we’re pretty sure) for some reason making something moderately resembling “Tarzan” noises, then the June Trailer Dancers trading squonks on their horns, eventually leading into a spirited version of this crowd and band favorite and some really fun soloing and even a trombone duet/duel between Quinn Carson & John Wolf.

The Chandler Travis Philharmonette for that night was:
Chandler Travis – guitar, vocals
Fred Boak – vocals
Quinn Carson – trombone
John Clark – bass
Matt Joseph – trumpet
Berke McKelvey – clarinet and Tarzan noises
John Wolf – trombone

For those of you who might not know, there’s a glorious studio version of “Mid-Morning in Moscow” on the album The Chandler Travis Philharmonic BLOWS!, as well as a fairly early live version on RadioBall #23: Live at Bubala’s.

Mid-Morning in Moscow

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