The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One: A Message From the Proprieter

OK, not really sure why I thought this would be a good idea or who’d actually be interested or anything, I just thought it might be interesting to show a particular song in all the various stages of its existence, from early demo […]

Vinyl Goodness Needs Your Help

It’s another blatant attempt at good ol’ fashioned cross-promotion huckstering from us for this week’s Song of the Weak!!! We’d like to ask you to consider donating to a Kickstarter fundraiser to help make a record.

Bubbles in the Think Tank is one our favorite radio shows here at Chandler Travis HQ, and not […]

Most things seem better when I’m in my car …

To celebrate the Three-O’s upcoming residency at one of our favorite joints, the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (every Friday in November & December except for Dec 6!), here’s a fairly rough, live version of a brand-spankin’ new song, “I Dreamt I Drove Somewhere With You“, which was recorded at – yes, you guessed it – […]