The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One: A Message From the Proprieter

OK, not really sure why I thought this would be a good idea or who’d actually be interested or anything, I just thought it might be interesting to show a particular song in all the various stages of its existence, from early demo to finished master and beyond, because lord knows these things take some twist and turns… also, thought it might be fun to solicit your help, especially on what’s planned at this point to be a real kitchen sink of a bridge -you’ll all be invited, eventually, to submit bits of your choosing, which I will feel in no way obligated to use (as we all know what a prick I am by nature) but will at least listen to and maybe (with your approval) even include on the final product.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Where do we start?

With the songwriter’s demo, of course, for the song in question, “Disappointment”, recorded March 1st, 2012, sometime around 4 in the morning (optimum demo recording time -ask anyone.) Looks like it must’ve come in the middle of a little run of things -did “Still Drink My Coffee Blue” and “Minor Difficulties, Major Problems” (aka “Bobby Brown”) that week, too. Frequently go on these little writing jags in the spring, this is a little early for me.

As far as I remember, from the start I was trying for a strolling Sondheim / “Johanna” kind of feel, but the demo sounds rootsier than I remembered it. Like most of my demos, you can tell I was trying to be quiet so as not to wake the little missus…

So what do we learn right away? Well, it sure will suck to dance to… but it’s a start… next week, we’ll see what the boys come up with on their first time at the plate…

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One

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