Merry Christmas 2013 from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Percy Dovetonsils Presents: Christmas Mix 2013

This isn’t us, it’s lots of folks I dig… many thanks to all my fellow xmas music devotees from whom I pirated much of this, including Rob Hart, Ted Potrikus, Eddie Gordetsky, Decibel Dennis, Bubbles In the Think Tank / Belinda Rawlins, Phil Straub, PJ, Jodsworth the Valet (of course!) and anyone else I may’ve missed (including Nick Lowe, for putting out a full-length xmas CD so fine I couldn’t help using a whopping three cuts -buy it, folks, the whole thing’s great! -and Frank Sidebottom, the other artist on here more than once, some weirdo Ted turned me on to who’s hilarious, keep meaning to google him to find out what his deal is is, but NO TIME! IT”S CHRISTMAS!) (No, wait, I just did it! He apparently had a large spherical head and no money)…

Love yez all, folks, Merry Christmas!

Download the whole shebang:
[download id=”10″]

Download/Listen to each individual track:

Artwork files:

[download id=”11″]


[download id=”12″]

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