Home demo of “Ruby My Dove”

“Ruby My Dove” -CT demo, recorded a few hours ago on April 25th here at Kasa Kelp; not finished yet or anything, just a chorus and verse w whistling. Add me to the long list of idiots writing songs about their dogs (Ruby being a new arrival this winter.) (Actually, that’s a list I’ve been […]

The Philharmonic covers the Cookies

Chandler Travis Philharmonic – “Softly in the Night“, recorded live at Duck Creek in Wellfleet, MA, July 27, 2012 by F Jodsworth Boak aka The Valet- just a little romp through an old favorite here, the Cookies “Softly in the Night”, a clear CTP favorite over the years; this was a great night, one where […]

The Catbirds play “Seven and Seven Is”

The Catbirds – “Seven and Seven Is“, recorded at Joe’s Beach Bar (aka the Barley Neck Inn) on March 13, 2014 at Rikki’s birthday party by WOMR’s Tony Pasquale.

Always used to love this song, which was on the second Love album, “Da Capo”; Steve ripped it up on this one with the Greenheads, so […]

The Catbirds play “Eyes Like Sparks”

This week on “Song of the Weak”, the Catbirds (well, most of us, anyway -Dinty couldn’t make it) perform Paul Westerburg’s “Eyes Like Sparks” (complete with new instrumental bridge!) at Rikki’s surprise party a few weeks ago at Joe’s Beach Bar (aka the Barley Neck Inn) in Orleans, MA, recorded on Thursday, March 13 by […]