RIP, Sweet Kate

Kate Greenhalgh
Worst possible news this week, as we lost arguably our best fan ever, the lovely and personable Kate Greenhalgh… how can this be true? She finally hit the road last week after a long and grueling illness, and I know I’m not the only one having a hard time getting my head around it. Young, beautiful, and brave in the face of all kinds of nasty health problems, but dancing and rocking to the end (saw her dancing at Joe’s only a month ago, and she was at the Harvest a couple weeks ago), and only very rarely letting on about the ordeal she was dealing with.

Man, that girl rocked -she liked all kinds of stuff, but she loved loud, and she had her own space at the Beachcomber that she carved out over the decades, front, stage right, and woe be unto the poor sap who tried to dis-lodge her! She was at almost as many Casuals gigs as I was, going back to when she was sneaking in her mid-teens… man, she was adorable. And frequently the only one in the room as sweaty as me at the end of the night.

I know it’s great that she doesn’t have to fight that hellacious battle with her own poor body anymore, but we’ll just miss her soooo much! Just not right…

Anyway, she loved this song, “Make Yourself Happy“; we’re actually working on a version for the next Philharmonic album, but meanwhile, here’s a vid of the tune shot a couple of years ago at a WOMR function at the Harbor Hotel in P’town by the proprietor of the Trout Towers Casino, the Pale One Himself, Chris Blood. We love you, Kate, and we’ll miss you like crazy.



Dancing Kate

[from the Valet here on out]

Kate was dancing to the Casuals almost all the time, so it was kinda tough to tell what her favorite Incredible Casuals song was, but I noticed a few times, when maybe she was feeling pokey and taking a few breaks, that she would always jump up and dance the moment Rikki started the drum intro to “Beautiful Girl” – I swear one evening she had a broken foot and jumped up to dance to it.

How about one more dance, Kate?

Artist: Incredible Casuals
Title: Beautiful Girl
Album: Casual World Control: I Smell a Vat!
RIP, Sweet Kate
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