Now it Can be Told – There is a New Album in the Works!

Bocce & Bourbon
We here at Chandler Travis World HQ have been all atwitter about the news that there is a new CD in the works. We tried like darn to keep our collective mouths shut until it was official, and now we can tell you about it.

It all started when Chandler decided to put together a CD of tunes he has co-written over the years with pal David Greenberger, to surprise David for his 60th birthday. As Chandler assembled the mix of previously released tracks and brand-new recordings, he realized that it was a nice little compilation indeed and decided that it would be the next official release on Iddy Biddy Records.

And so was born “Bocce & Bourbon”.

This weekend the Philharmonette played an absolutely lovely picnic party at Casa Borden for David’s 6oth birthday, and Chandler presented David with a prototype version of the new album.

Details will no doubt change, but the album is expected to include tracks by Chandler, the Casuals, the Catbirds, the Philharmonic, the Three-O, the Philharmonette, and a recent recording Chandler did with Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans of Rabbit Rabbit.

In honor of this announcement, we bring you this live recording of the Travis-Greenberger favorite “(You & Me) Pushin’ Up Daisies“. We believe the track was recorded at the Midway by Tom Lawlor, but we’re unsure of the date other than it’s definitely prior to September 18, 1999 (it appeared on a special compilation that was made as a wedding favor for that date, “Nose For Danger: Bert & Debbie’s Wedding Disc”).

We believe these are the first lyrics of David’s to which Chandler added his music. It’s also the song of theirs that has the most officially released versions – in addition to two live versions that appear on CDs in the RadioBall series, studio versions appear on the Casuals’ Inedible Casserole #7 “Parsley, Sage, Sulfer & Leroy”, Chandler’s solo CD “Ivan in Paris” (the same version appears on “His Lavender Silhouette“), and “The Chandler Travis Philhramonic BLOWS!“.

Which version will appear on “Bocce & Bourbon”? You’re just going to wait a little longer to find out. We’re shooting for a late Summer/early Fall 2014 release (but please be patient – you know how these things go).

Now it Can be Told – There is a New Album in the Works!

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