A Bubala’s Special!

Bubala’s special!: the Chandler Travis Philharmonette with the GGs (Edwige and Sophie Yingling and Vanessa Rose) – “Gee the Moon Is Shining Bright“; with Vanessa Rose – “Can’t Help It If I Love You So“; both from Aug. 28, 2014; and by themselves, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream“, from Sept. 4, 2014, all recorded by Fred Jodsworth T. Boak (aka the Valet) – this is our longest running current residency, and we just love it, and are so happy to be held over this September, what a blast! One of the reasons we love Bubala’s is that the food is just ridiculously good; also, it’s a perfect place to experiment, as exemplified to some extent by these selections.

The GGs (l-r: Vanessa Rose, Edwige Yingling, Sophie Yingling)

The GGs (l-r: Vanessa Rose, Edwige Yingling, Sophie Yingling)

I’ve always wanted to be involved in a girl group, but it’s always been a bit tricky, seeing as I’m not a girl. Luckily, this summer, Edwige and Sophie Yingling (daughters of John Yingling, our patron saint at Bubala’s), along with Vanessa Rose (from our favorite Truro eatery, Terra Luna), were gracious enough to make my dream come true a couple weeks ago with this rendition of the Dixie Cups’ “Gee, the Moon Is Shining Bright.” (The premise behind the GGs so far is that they only do songs that include the word “gee” -their other songs so far being Joe & Ann’s “Gee Baby” and another Dixie Cups classic, “Gee Baby Gee.”

Then, for good measure, Vanessa sealed the deal by dueting with me on Ann & Joe’s “Can’t Help It If I Love You So“, another song I’ve always loved and which she’s been nailing all summer -sure hated to lose her when she had to go back to Brooklyn on Labor Day…

Another one we got to cover this year was “When I Grow Too Old To Dream“, a title I’d always loved, but I’d never heard a version of the song that moved me much until my fake son, Joseph “Fakey” O’Sullivan, asked the CTP to learn the Arnett Cobb version to play at his wedding last weekend, and lo and behold, it was both swinging and gorgeous, and I know we’ll be returning to it frequently. What a gas -thanks and congratulations, Fakey n’ Janet!

And special thanks to our gracious benefactor John Yingling, who let us play whether anyone came or not -glad that’s finally paying off a little! -and whose version of “Peach Picking Time In Georgia” will no doubt be along soon on SOTW!

Our Benefactor

Our Benefactor

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  • Barbara

    Saw you at ’12 Wellfleet Harbor Fest, loved your music and bought 2CD’s. Keep track of where you’re playing in hopes of reconnecting. My grandson calls it “Grams Hippy Dippy Music”. Thanks for making music that brightens my life.


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