The Catbirds – Swamp Gal live at da Coma

Catbirds @ da Coma - Aug 22, 2014

Swamp Gal” – the Catbirds, recorded at the Wellfleet Beachcomber Aug. 22, 2014 by Chris Blood and Anton “Fred” T. Jodsworth Boak (aka The Valet) (the latter also mixed)

This one is a cover of an old Tommy Bell song that Steve Wood, who sings it, did with the Greenheads for years before bringing it over to the Catbirds. Been hitting a great groove on this one lately w. upstart drummist Sam Wood; Rikki always played the shit out of it, too (for proof, there’s a nice video somewhere up on youtube of us playing it at the Lizard Lounge); it’s also one of a heaping handful of “Catbirds Say Yeah” outtakes that we look forward to releasing eventually.

The Catbirds – Swamp Gal live at da Coma
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