A Catbirds Two-fer: “Do the Shake” and “Stoned”

Catbirds @ da Coma 8/22/14

Do the Shake” and “Stoned” – the Catbirds, recorded at the Wellfleet Beachcomber Aug. 22, 2014 by Chris Blood and Anton “Fred” T. Jodsworth Boak (aka The Valet) (the latter also mixed.)

More hi-jinx from that same night at the Beachcomber, one of our first gigs w Sam (aka Slammy) Wood plus (then-special guest but now full-time member) Sal Baglio, first with a cover of a great old tune called “Do the Shake” that Steve and Sam have played for years in the Greenheads (it was recorded in 1965 by a Finnish group called the Renegades, but I’m not sure if they originated it or not -if anyone has any further info, love to hear more), followed by another song the Greenheads originated, a Steve Wood original called “Stoned” (the studio recording of which is on the first Catbirds release, “Viborate“, and their full-length CD, “Catbirds Say Yeah“)

A Catbirds Two-fer: “Do the Shake” and “Stoned”
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