A Steve Shook Christmas Song

Steve Shook & the Elftone All-Girl Ukulele Revue

photo by Joe Navas

This s No Time For Fun (This Is Christmas)“- Steve Shook & the Elftone All-Girl Ukulele Revue -recorded live at the Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade, Dec. 13, 2013, rough board mix by Chris Blood.

Well, what can I say? Brilliant. Note how similarly misanthropic this is lyrically to the xmas song of mine we posted last week, “Another Sweaty Christmas“, tho much better titled -both Scrooge-like, but counter-balanced by chipper little melodies… great minds,thinking alike, just like in the old days!

Many videos were shot (in fact, here’s one now, shot by Ron Daniels; this group is clearly more photogenic than most (thank you, Eltones: Sarah Swain, Catie Flynn, Jodi Birchall, Jen Budryk, and (perhaps most strikingly), Fred Boak.

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