Another Sweaty Christmas

Another Sweaty Christmas” -by me; recorded at Kelp Manor and the Woo Woo Lagoon yesterday and a couple days before, w. Sam Wood on drums.

Steve Shook and I both wrote misanthropic xmas songs this year; predictably, his is nicer, plus features the Elftone All-Girl Ukuelele Revue, which gives him a big leg up, as mine, sadly, features only me n’ Slammy

Either of these could turn up at the Cavalcade shows this week, tho you’ll probably only hear Steve’s, which is called “This is No Time For Fun (This Is Christmas)”, at the Cape Cavalcade.

Also must confess to a couple writing fouls here, even apart from the dreadful title: I believe I’ve used both the word “sterile” and the phrase “smelly reindeer” before in some other xmas song, but can’t remember which one; clearly, this puts me well over quota in both regards.

Another Sweaty Christmas
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