Merry Christmas 2014 from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Merry Christmas Vacuum! (2014 Christmas Mix)
Here’s this year’s Christmas mix – individual song & art downloads are below. We also have a download of the full thing in one ZIP archive.

This year’s opus is called “Merry Christmas Vacuum 2014” and features myself, Steve Shook, the White Prince, and many more of of our favorite artists (both ones we know n ones we don’t), plus two different versions of the cover art (because I figured the Preparation H version -designed, I admit, in haste -might not be for everyone)…

Thanks to Fred Boak, Chris Blood, Rob Hart, P.J. O’Connell, Belinda Rawlins, Decibel Dennis McDonald, Eddie Gorodetsky, Ducky Carlisle & all Cavalcade participants and record collectors everywhere!

Download the whole shebang:
[download id=”16″]

Download/Listen to each individual track:

Artwork files:
Christmas Mix 2014 - Booklet Front & Back

[download id=”13″]

Christmas Mix 2014 - Booklet Front & Back (alternate version)

[download id=”15″]

Christmas Mix 2014 - Booklet Inside

[download id=”14″]

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