home demo “strong poppy” – lyrics wanted

“strong poppy may 4” -Chandler demo from May, 2011 -This appears here today via a series of random coincidences that led me to wander through a bunch of my old demos and song fragments in search of something my friends over at Bubbles in the Think Tank could use as segues for their upcoming annual compilation of songs about records for record store day, entitled “7 Inches In Heaven”, which Fred and Belinda are just finishing up this week for release early in the spring. They needed really short pieces, and this one was a little too long and probably too vague to make the cut.

When I’m titling fragments, I’m always trying to just give myself a hint as to the character of the thing, in case I end up looking through the archives later for something in particular; so with “strong poppy” I was just trying to be literal, and imply that it was something very pop but with some potential element of balls. It’s pretty germinal -no words, just da-das -but I still hope it becomes a song someday (and I hope any potential lyricist out there will take this as an open invitation, bearing in mind that Davey Baby Greenberger always has dibs, and that I’m an opinionated and meddlesome old prick when it comes to lyrics.)

home demo “strong poppy” – lyrics wanted

One thought on “home demo “strong poppy” – lyrics wanted

  • January 8, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    I really, really like this work in progress. ‘Can’t wait to hear lyrics.


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