Bass Thing – Collaborate with Us!

INAUGURATING A NEW SERIES HERE AT SONG OF THE WEAK!!- It’s the “What the hell is this?” series, which will include half-baked, totally under-realized semi-ideas in hopes of spurring along future random collaborations!

Is it a song that just needs lyrics? Or an instrumental that just needs you on bassoon? You decide! Overdub on it to your heart’s content, or send me a lyric, or an idea -whatever you like! And if it sounds like a good one, we’ll either post it as is or pursue it in some other way.

What the hell! Let’s music!

bass thing“- Chandler demo, winter, 2015 -Well, this is the kind of winter it was… this is just bass and drum machine, but has a bit of a feel to it… hopefully, I find a new drummer / percussionist to monkey around with soon, because otherwise, you’re all gonna get pretty sick of this drum machine bullshit (currently actively seeking drum-ish collaborators, if you’re interested)… meanwhile, if you feel like monkeying around with this track or these ideas in any context, go to it, just credit me appropriately and send the usual giant wads of cash to my solicitor…

Bass Thing – Collaborate with Us!
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