Tomatohead Blues (The Return of Keiichi)

Tomatohead Blues” – The Chandler Travis Philharmonette recorded live at Karoo in Eastham, MA on Sunday July 5, 2015 by yours truly, The Valet (Karoo – where we’ll playing several more times this summer – a loverly outdoor summer venue for us – please stop in and see us if you’re in the area – check your local listings)

Keiichi Hashimoto hasn’t played with us in quite some time, but we were lucky enough last week to have him join us for a couple of shows. Keiichi is one of those core group of players over the years who really seems to have a sympatico relationship with Chandler’s music. He can make me laugh & cry in the same solo when he really nails it. He can make me smile until it hurts. He’s the guy who handed me a trumpet one night and said – take the next solo. Yup, you can blame the orange vuvuzela on Keiichi.

“Let’s do ‘Tomatohead Blues‘. Keiichi, do you want to start it?”, asked Chandler.
“I’m not sure I remember how it goes”, replied Keiichi
“OK, Berke – you start it off”, Chandler answered.
And start it off Berke did. Berke played it great. He always does.
And then Keiichi took a solo, a solo that made me smile a mile wide. It was loud, it was quiet, it was playful – it was Keiichi.
John took a bass solo – he didn’t have his bow as he often does on this, but it was fun to hear him try something without it. (sorry if it’s a little quiet – he wasn’t amplified and was farthest away from the microphones)
Next came some interplay between Berke & Keiichi – they were having fun, you can hear it.
Finally, a cadenza from Keiichi – not suprisingly, he didn’t quite play what might have been expected – and the place erupted with applause and laughter.

“I think we just found our next Song of the Weak”, I said. And so we had.

Tomatohead Blues (The Return of Keiichi)

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