A Night at Bubala’s (A Video Song(s) of the Weak!!!)

This week on Song of the Weak!!! it’s “A Night at Bubala’s” featuring several videos from Monday, August 3rd, all shot by Mike Guaragna.

“Unidentified Flying Thing” -part of the instrumental “Thing” series; includes a rare flute sighting, courtesy of Ken Field.

“Must Be Love”– the old Steve Shook classic, also available on the Chandler Travis Philharmonic’s “Tarnation & Alastair Sim” CD.

“This Is Your Night”– an especially terrific Chris Ligon song (we love Chris, and so does the Flat Five, a brilliant band out of Chicago that is currently finishing an album of Chris’s songs); Chris’s original is on a wonderful album by Chris Ligon & the Problems, also called “This Is Your Night” -wish I could tell you where you can find it, but Chris doesn’t currently have a website -maybe next week (gotta get something by him up on our sadly neglected “Love To Turn You On” page …)

“Happy Birthday” – still one of my favorite songs ever, somehow just never gets old, so many ways to play, here’s one… wish I knew the name of our birthday girl that night, but she’s a pip, just turned 88!

“The Happy Pineapple”– then these guys showed up: the Luiz Caracol Trio with Eleanor Dubinsky, some swell Portuguese musicians who were over here for a couple dates; we’d not met before, but they played a little guest set, and sat in with us for a few, along with a mystery guest flautist… all in all, a most interesting night at Bubala’s!

And, for no good reason (vanity, maybe?), here’s a link to a recent interview that seemed more fun than usual, from a blog called Color Is Its Own Reward.

A Night at Bubala’s (A Video Song(s) of the Weak!!!)
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