I Think I Got it Wrong (home demo)

I Think I Got It Wrong“- CT demo from last spring or so, recorded at Kelp Manor.

My longtime lyricist / colleague / buddy David Greenberger and I got all fired up last year after the release of “Bocce & Bourbon: The Comfortable Songs Of…“, and ended up having our best songwriting year ever, but I forgot how few of the new songs we posted (as in, none!) Of course, the idea in general is not to post my crappy demos, in hopes that the real musicians will be along any minute to help create responsible, good-sounding versions, but sometimes that takes way longer than you think it will, and some things just fall by the wayside, like this little ditty, which I so far haven’t been able to convince the Catbirds to cover, but still haven’t given up on (in fact, we’re practicing later today, I’ll run it up the flagpole again!) Musically, it’s very similar to a song the Three-O played out some last year called “A Man Who Walks On Air”, and in fact uses the same fake drum track (re-edited to order, more or less.) In writing the latter first, David and I were a little at odds over what direction it took (which is exceedingly rare, for us), and part of our compromise was to use some of the lyrical ideas that got discarded from “Man Who Walks” on “Think I Got It Wrong.” Most compromises suck, but I think we’re both pretty happy with the two songs we got out of this one for the price of one!

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