A Gift from the Easter Bunny: Great Moments from the Cutting Room

photo by Rachel

photo by Rachel

Great Moments from the Cutting Room: “I Can’t Find You” (Aug. 15, 2014) and “Bob What’s-is-name” (Nov. 20, 2013) – recorded by Fred Boak (room mike) and Gerard Hoffman (Sound board) – the former is sort of a moody, downbeat little thing I wrote with a nod to Wilco and Jeff Tweedy that I always hoped we’d do a studio version of someday, but haven’t got around to so far. This is probably the first or second time we did it, before most of the band had heard it.

And “Bob What’s-is-name” is an old standby that we frequently end with; when we first recorded it on “Let’s Have a Pancake“, we played it way too fast -this is about the tempo we’ve played it at ever since. It was originally written for my nephew Jeremy on the occasion of his leaving New Orleans, where he grew up, for college at U Mass.

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