Bomp Ba Bomp – Live Video

Bomp Ba Bomp“- the Chandler Travis Three-O at the Mews in Provincetown, MA, March 1, 2016, shot by Ron Daniels.

Well, of course when most folks think of the Three-O, I think the first thing they tend to think of is hip-hop, or occasionally da Ting, with the Bumpity Bump. Of course, this is the straight happy bump w extra droop, post-fattened by the sick-ass pony boy.

This one’s in its infancy -hopefully we’ll get it out of systems before one of us gets hurt.
Nice whomping fuzzy sax w da measuring cup from the Right Reverman Rhonda Speedboat aka Earl “Huffy” Buzztone Tranquility the 3 aka Berke McKelverman.

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