I Don’t Wanna Be Hoyt Axton

“I Don’t Wanna Be Hoyt Axton“- the Chandler Travis Philharmonic recorded live at the Midway, possibly sometime in February, 2002, by Tom Lawlor.

Maybe I was feeling old the day I wrote this, but I think I was thinking more about character actors in general, and how odd it must be to make your living […]

Not My Fault – Live at The Mews

“Not My Fault” -the Chandler Travis Three-O, shot by Ron Daniels at the Mews, March 1, 2016 -kind of an old favorite, and one of a series of songs I’ve written in which I’ve denied being responsible for anything, which is sometimes even true. (After all, say what you will about me, I’m not responsible. […]

The Catbirds “I Like Stuff (rehearsal)”

“I Like Stuff (rehearsal)“- the Catbirds, recorded at the Playman Mansion, February, 2016.

Well, I hadn’t ripped off Canned Heat yet, so, what the hell… guess no one’s safe anymore…

Song of the Weak!!! 2016 by The Catbirds