All Day Long He Dreamt of Her (and more)

All Day Long He Dreamt of Her” / “Horse, Pt. 1“- shot by Ron Daniels. Actually, this is a couple songs kind of jumbled together (guess that’s how things were going that night): “All Day Long He Dreamt of Her” has been around for years, don’t know why; and “”Horse, Pt. 1” is the first verse and chorus of a song that was commissioned for a bachelor party not long ago by my friend Dietrich Strause that features a lyric written by his friend Dan Greif, the former bachelor in question, that we posted a solo version of a couple months ago. I look forward very much to the full Philharmonic version; I know you do, too!

By the way, sorry for all the vids on SOTW lately -I’d rather be putting up more fully realized recordings, but not much time lately, hopefully better than nothing (if only a little!)

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